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The Rules

Unread postPosted: 29th December, 2007, 1:02 pm
by René
Welcome to Gay Teen Forum!
If you're new, it's a good idea to make an introduction thread in the Introductions forum. We also suggest that you read our advice and information for new members. Finally, you may also want to post a self-picture in the Self-Pics forum.

But before doing anything, please take a few moments to read our rules:

The following rules apply to all members of this forum. They are enforced by administrators and moderators at their individual discretion, subject to review by fellow staff. They apply within both the forum and chat. Offences may result in warnings, temporary bans, and/or permanent bans.

Warnings are typically issued for offences deemed minor, e.g. thread bumping and excessive signature sizes. Temporary bans are typically issued for repeated minor offences and/or offences deemed major, e.g. harassment. Permanent bans are typically issued for repeated major offences and/or offences deemed especially heinous, e.g. pornography depicting minors.

Eligibility and Age Limit
- The maximum age for new members will be 21. If a new user is identified to be 22 or over they will be strongly encouraged to join our brother forum at and may be banned from GTF without warning and with no reason stated.

- The absolute cut-off Age Limit will be 25. On their 25th birthday, users will be required to go into exile from the forum. They will have no access to chat and will not be permitted to make any new threads or posts. They will retain access to PMs, however it may be deemed necessary to restrict them from sending new PMs.

- The minimum age to join is 13. Exceptions to this minimum age may be granted, but this is unlikely as some of the content on the forum is deemed unsuitable for those below this age.

Rule One: Advertising other websites, products, and/or services is not permitted without prior written permission from an administrator. Joining the forum solely for this purpose may result in an immediate ban.

Rule Two: Spamming is prohibited. Spam is a broad category of annoying acts which, while not necessarily malicious, are annoying to the community at large and other members' enjoyment of the forum. Such acts include thread-bumping (posting non-constructively in inactive threads), using multiple animated GIFs which are irrelevant to a thread's subject, creating excessively large quote pyramids, and deliberately making multiple successive posts/threads where one would suffice.

Rule Three: Signatures must be no larger than 780x256 pixels and 1 MB total. That includes text and images, both static and animated. Click here to see how large the pixel area is.

Rule Four: Harassment is prohibited. Repeated, single-sided insults by one member to another - rather than mutual conflict or criticism of a member's ideas in discussion - constitute harassment.

Rule Five: Pornography is prohibited.

§1. Any images depicting adult genitalia or (an) adult(s) posed excessively sexually are considered pornographic. Any images depicting minors' genitalia or minors posed sexually to any extent are considered pornographic and also illegal. Images of minors wearing only underwear would almost certainly be considered sexual.
§2. Soliciting pornographic images from minors is both unlawful and prohibited, as is sending minors any other type of pornographic content, whether said action was prompted by the minor or not.

To be absolutely clear: it is illegal to take nudes, upload them, share them, or request them, no matter how consensual.

Rule Six: Contacting other members, their relatives, or associates off-forum without prior invitation is not permitted. You may not make any attempt to contact another member, or anyone they know, through any means that they have not personally endorsed. Likewise, if a member has uploaded images exclusively for the use of GTF, posting the images outside of GTF without their permission is an offence.

Rule Seven: Contacting any member privately to request photos or make sexual advances of any kind, either on or off the forum, is prohibited and may result in an immediate permanent ban. Offenders may be reported to the police, and any evidence of criminal wrongdoing or intent will be handed over to authorities in such cases. This will include private messages.

Rule Eight: The chatroom is primarily a place for casual conversation. If a Chat Moderator asks you take a debate or conversation deemed fiery to 'The Arena' chatroom, you must comply. This is not a punishment, and rather a way of not polarising the main chat.

Additionally, users with accounts must not log in as a guest. If a member is trolling or imitating, their IP address will be banned and we will know who it is.

These rules were written by staffers in consultation with members. They are authorised by the incumbent administrators and moderators at the time of writing:
Anonymous Boy, FirePhantom, Iago, Morgan, Phil, Thumper, Will

Photos and Internet Safety
We strongly suggest that you read this public service announcement to learn more about posting photos and your safety online.

Please note that the rules apply to posts, PMs, chat, and uploaded images alike. Anything that is forbidden under the rules cannot be shared through GTF in any way, which includes uploading it using the Image Uploader.

If you notice or learn of any kind of inappropriate behaviour, or you receive a message from a member (either on or off the forum) that is against the rules or otherwise makes you feel uncomfortable, please don't hesitate to contact a moderator or administrator (recognizable by our distinctive light and dark blue names, and listed on the team list linked to on the home page). We take complaints very seriously.

The staff is composed of the following members:

All moderators have equal power in all parts of the site, although they may focus on particular areas.

Comments, questions and complaints
If you have any questions or complaints, feel free to e-mail or PM any of the above. Your opinions and constructive criticism are always welcome.
If for whatever reason you are unable to register, please send an e-mail to

Happy posting!

New rules

Unread postPosted: 17th November, 2014, 9:30 am
by René
Following much deliberation amongst the moderation team, the new rules above have been composed and are now in effect. Please read them carefully and bear them in mind as you use the forum and the chat. Thank you. :)

The old rules, originally written in 2007, are archived in the spoiler tag below.

[Reveal] Spoiler: Old rules, archived 17th November 2014
But before doing anything, please take a few moments to read our rules:

  1. Thread-bumping is not allowed unless one is making a significant update pertaining to the original subject of the thread in question. A bump is defined as a post in a thread that has been inactive for a considerable period of time. In general, if a thread has not received new posts in more than a few days, it's best not to touch it.
  2. Flame wars are acceptable only to a point. If things get out of hand, a moderator or administrator may decide to intervene.
  3. Pornography is not allowed. Porn is defined as any image or video that shows genitalia or people engaged in a sexual act. Butts/pubes/etc. are acceptable. Pornography depicting minors is allowed absolutely nowhere and is ground for an immediate ban.
  4. Spam, defined as persistent useless posting, is not permitted. Excessive post-whoring counts as spam. So does trolling.
  5. Advertising other websites or products is not permitted without written permission from an administrator. If you are interested in advertising on our website, please click here for more information.
  6. Off-forum interaction with other members, their families or acquaintances is prohibited without prior invitation. You may not make any attempt to contact another member, or anyone he knows, through any means that he has not personally endorsed. Likewise, if a user has uploaded images exclusively for the use of GTF, posting the images outside of GTF without their permission is a bannable offence. That said, members should always remain vigilant regarding their own privacy.
  7. Signatures must be no larger than 780x256 pixels and 1 MB total. That's including text and images, both static and animated. Click here to see how large the pixel area is.

If any of these rules are violated, or order is threatened in another way, the staff will take action, in the form of e.g. warnings, thread deletion, post deletion, censoring, temporary or permanent bans, etc. Moderation staff have the right, and in some cases responsibility and obligation, to request proof of age and/or identity (e.g., in cases of stolen identity, overage users, etc.).